Friday, January 18, 2008

Live from Wichita

Sweet crackers, I'd forgotten how much I love doing this. I had 30+ kids in my first session this morning, which is a perfect number.

We worked on character stuff...which meant walking around and playing with buckets and animal spines and status and body tension and VELOCIRAPTOR oh my yes. LOW STATUS VELOCIRAPTOR!

Comedy gold, people. 

If I have 30 in the next class, and get half from each for scenework, and then half of those for long-form, that should put me at a fabulous number to zing through an opening, edits and time dashes. Really, really fast. 

Last night, all I could think was "Driving! To Wichita! Sleepy!" Today, all I can think is, "Ding dang, y'all...these kids rock."


  1. This is good stuff, T-Bone. Any chance you'd be willing to share some of your exercises for teaching character stuff with me? I'm doing some character-based workshops for the next 8 weeks with a group of extreme novices, adults, not kids, about 8-10 of them. I feel like the stuff I have is a little thin in terms of character exercises, and I would love to inject some new material in there as well. Email me at monkypickl AT yahoo?

    - Corey

  2. Absolutely. I'm going to type stuff up tonight so I don't have to make it up again next year, so I'll send you my notes.

    It's a lot of walking around.

  3. Take it to the next level...

    Featured director show. And, why not? You have the rehearsal part done by the third class and you dont' need a set. That would make you the biggest, baddest show in town in my mind.

  4. What do you mean by "featured director set"? Like, a show with the kids from the class?

    If so, it's crossed my mind. But a lot of these kids are new to improv. Or at least new to scenework. I wouldn't feel like I was taking good care of them to put them up in a show without being ready.


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