Friday, January 11, 2008

Marketing gold: A good idea

As anyone who’s put up a show will tell you, all the marketing in the world won’t get butts in the seats if there’s no demand. And nothing creates demand like a good, new idea.

Jared and Ed have one with Improv Thunderdome. They’ve started with the genius idea behind Cage Match and other cities’ improv throwdowns: Have troupes compete, and encourage them to stack the house with friends who will vote for them.

But just as important, they’ve created a personality behind it, and that’s a big reason behind the buzz. Jared is a great concept guy—an idea man, Chuck—and his energy is infectious. Ed will be perfect as the announcer—big, loud, in-your-face. Clay has boasted, belittled and goaded other teams into playful smack talk.

And because Jared loves improv and is supportive of the community, groups from all over KC are invited. And excited.

Improv Thunderdome is the first new thing in KC improv for a really long time. A new troupe is just another bunch of players. New games and forms are just different takes on making things up. They’re both great, but outside of our community (and performers’ families and friends), it’s not news.

Jared and Ed are putting on an event. The Pitch, The Star, Channel 9 and others are covering it.

That’s really cool.

Also: Vote for Spite on March 15!


  1. I am really getting excited about this. They have done a fantastic job of promoting the whole thing and it's really revving me up even more to see mentions in The Pitch and The Star. Hopefully I'll be able to catch the News as well!

  2. Thanks Trish. That really means a lot.


  3. You rock. That's it.

    Okay, that's not it. Thanks for my mention. Yeah I try to talk smack,but so far, no real takers. You will be once we win and are in the finals together.

    I got it! Let's stage a public, improvised "weigh in". We'll send out press releases, hold the weigh in at a hotel downtown and then get into a big argument, complete with bodyguards and near fisticuffs. I am a genius! But only if you lie the idea!

  4. Yah...Jared did a great job. Maybe he should have worked with the Marketing team on City3 after all...

  5. Clay, I am in. Love the idea. Might be too late to do it for this show, but it could be the media buzz for next month's :)

  6. I am horrified almost beyond words by the idea of a public weigh in.

    But I am a good sport.

    If it's something you think we could get media coverage for, I might be able to get the personal training gym I go to to "officiate" the weigh in...

  7. More evidence that Thunderdome is an event: In the last few hours, two things have happened:
    –Jared has called wondering how many is "sold out" at the coffeehouse, and stopped taking reservations.
    -Three improvisers have called me to find out how they could get in touch with Jared to get into the show.

    I haven't seen excitement like this since the festival. And no one had to buy plane tickets!


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