Saturday, February 23, 2008

So here's what's fun.

OK. Remembering that I do this for fun turns out to be important. And not that difficult.
  • It's fun to be in a troupe. Tantrum rehearsed last night (after Boulevard beer and D'Bronx pizza—do you need better reasons to love KC?). There were just four of us, and I think there was a little inertia (and maybe some pizza) keeping us from getting up and working through scenes. Inspired by earlier discussion of the Trip Fives' "improv in the dark" tonight, Pete turned off all the lights and we ran through a couple of Blind quasi-Harolds (the predecessor to the Bat). Blind Harold follows the same Harold structure—only it's done in the dark, so you have to create everything verbally. It's a great exercise for making clear edits and initiations, and naming specifics in the environment. And since you're just saying and not doing, you can be anywhere and do anything even more than in fully physical, stage-lit improv.  (Side note: Boy, do I feel dumb. I meant to say ysalamiri, not vornskrs, in the scene about the underage guy who used Jedi mind-tricks to buy grape Zima. Ysalamiri are the creatures with the ability to "push back" the Force—the vornskrs are Force-sensitive pack animals that hunt them. I know that caused some confusion, and I apologize.)
  • OK, so it's fun to be in more than one troupe. Playing with the chicks in Tantrum on one night and (most of) the guys in Tantrum on separate nights was interesting. Same trust, same playfulness...completely different content and vibe. 
  • Coaching is fun, too. The Scriptease guys have totally reworked their Epic Disaster piece to open it up more, and I can't wait to see it. 
  • As is directing. Exit 16 has their next show March 4th, and you should come see it.
  • And seeing shows? That's really, really fun. Especially now that there are more troupes doing more things. I can't wait to see the Trip Fives tonight (though it stinks that it means missing Hype 7's show in Bonner Springs)—it's been a long time since anyone's done improv in the dark in KC.
Turns out this is fun. And a lot of it.


  1. Now I'm really curious of the content you had with the ladies of Tantrum (I just can't type that without thinking there should be some sort of calendar). I really had a good time with that "blind" format and would enjoy trying it out again.

  2. Well, I didn't make any Star Wars references in the Spite rehearsal. And there were no candle/jewelry/makeup parties at the Tantrum rehearsal.

    Two different worlds, man.


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