Wednesday, March 5, 2008



The Makeshift Militia guys have just played the hell out of Improv Thunderdome strategy and completely loaded the house. 

So it's sold out—a week and a half before the show. Unheard of!

And that's the genius—and the rub—of Thunderdome. If it works the way it should, the producers don't do the marketing—the troupes do. The winner is the one who brings the crowd. Honestly, you could sit up on stage in a chair and talk to a sock-puppet for 30 minutes, and if your friends make up the majority of the house, you're going to the finals. 

Not saying that's what Makeshift will do—they'll bring their A-game. And they'll have a blast, because the crowd is on their side. 

But...but! Here's the really exciting thing. Their crowd will also see two other groups (or, to be more accurate in this particular case, one). Tantrum (split in twain minus one for Thunderdome) will play for dozens of people who've never seen us before. And if we bring our A-games, we'll win some fans. They won't vote for us, but they may come see us play some time. 

That is the Glory and Wonder of Thunderdome. Bring your crowd, and you win. But the community wins, too—because though your crowd is in love with you, they might just get a big crush on improv. 

It's a beautiful thang.


  1. Oh, and that's not even mentioning another big benefit to Tantrum. We share a reservation line (my extra phone) with Thunderdome. So now the message says, "You can't come to see two of the teams play at 7pm!" It's win-squared.

  2. Yeah, I just commented on my own post. What up?

  3. Pirate Monkey Robot FTW! Let's just hope the audience votes for the best performance.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Trish. Don't assume our "friends" will vote for us, though, most of our reservations are homeless people.

  5. Awesome. That's Spite's key demographic.


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