Sunday, March 9, 2008

I forgot to add a title.

Can I just say how much I hate losing an hour? How is it 4:15 already? What the hell? (The answer, btw: Equally as much as I love Tide To-Go’s talking stain commercial. Exactly the same amount, but you know, different emotions.)

Spent a lot of time with improvisers this weekend. (Turns out, I like them.) 

Keith put on Improv Get-Together #4 on Friday. Our first one was two years ago (wow…that long)—started because we thought maybe it would be good if troupes cross-pollinated a little. (Another answer: Yes. It is.)
We had shows up in Liberty this weekend. Small crowd for On The Spot, again, but a fun little show with Bob and Dan, Tommy hosting and Guy in the booth. Scriptease had a decent-sized house and played their Epic Disaster again—with really nice results. Differences from the Thunderdome set: A few moved-around scenes, character-switching, more audience participation and Tommy Todd.
  • The added scenes the guys came up with really throw the focus to character exploration. 
  • Switching the characters around was fun—especially seeing their different takes on the different archetypes.
  • There’s more built-in participation—which I won’t spoil by revealing it—but the most fun part was the completely unexpected result of the set-up. They said, “We may come to you for help, so be ready.” In the middle of a non-planned-participation scene, a guy piped up from the front row. They immediately dubbed him Abe, and continued to consult him for the rest of the show. He played along beautifully.
  • Tommy’s take on the love scene in rehearsal reduced Clay to tears. It was hot. Really.
After rehearsal and the show, I have no doubt the tweaks they came up with—and whatever evolutions the show takes in the future—will keep it fresh. Years ago, Lighten Up hit a turning point when we started doing our improvised musical. I can really see the Epic Disaster becoming something people seek out. 

Something I’m thinking about, up Liberty way. We’ll do our regular run through June (so three more weekends), then take a break between July and September. When it comes back, it may be time to do something different with the shows…maybe putting the home-grown Fakers in as the headliners.

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