Sunday, April 13, 2008

And the aftermath.

Here's what I've learned—and what I'm doing about it:

Playing is more fun than working. I do a lot of improv work because it feels like the only way to get to play as much as I want. As it turns out, other people are willing to do some of the hard stuff. Like: 
  • Clay's sister is a graphic designer, and has offered to do posters for the Corbin shows. 
  • Scriptease/Fakers (especially Clay) seems to be willing to be a lot more engaged in the production side of their shows. 
  • Scriptease may just have a new coach for Thunderdome: Season Two. 
  • Keith will jump on festival stuff like that (snaps) if you just ask. 
  • Jessica is totally on top of things. As are Pete, Aron and Scott.
  • Keith—who started the whole thing—is totally willing to do the management stuff for Burnin' Sternums. 
  • It's my choice to be involved or not. Huh. 
I occasionally overreact. That nice Alan Scherstuhl (that right there is a link to his articles about improv) pointed out that he never really said anything negative about Scriptease. I disagreed...but will grant that I did focus a lot on a few adjectives. 

That kind of reaction is a little bit of a pattern—actually, my family and closest friends might argue with "a little bit of." I'm passionate about what's important to me, often to a fault. Also, I'm loud and have a tendency toward hyperbole and strong language.
  • Not really sure I've done anything about this one yet. 
I spend a little too much time plugged in. I spend too much time checking friends' blogs and not enough time talking to them face to face. I check my Blackberry instead of listening to conversations. I have the TV on and the laptop open too much. 
  • I need to call some people and go get coffee.
  • The Blackberry stays face down or in my purse in meetings. 
  • There will be no more checking the boards—and minimal answering of e-mails from improvisers about improv—between 9am-5:45pm. 
So, the conclusion: Yes. I have become a little one dimensional. I love this improv thing, but my singular, near-obsessive focus on it is making it Not Fun. And letting it be my whole world certainly isn't making me better at it.

Interesting experiment. For me, anyway. 

OH, and...I think I got mostly talked out about Thunderdome last night at McCoy's. But: 
  • It was a great night, and Ed and Jared deserve big congrats for pulling the whole thing off.
  • Loaded Dice won. Decisively, deservedly and hilariously. 
  • The difference between second and third was just four votes—Scriptease took third. But their set said all it needed to say, and I'm stupid proud of them.
And now, it's time to get ready for Season Two. Teams to watch out for: 
  • Scriptease: Now with Tommy Todd!
  • Some Technical Difficulty: AKA Exit 16—under the direction of alum Andrew Brant.
  • And the Burnin' Sternums...Pete Calderone, Keith Curtis, Rob Grabowski, Nick Rigoli and me.


  1. Aw, thanks for the complement!

    And don't forget to watch out for Fluffer Nutter! Mua ha ha!

  2. "It's my choice to be involved or not."

    Best discovery you made.

  3. Yeah...turns out I'm kind of a dumb-ass.


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