Sunday, April 13, 2008

Because I can't shut up...

John, the founder of Roving Imp, is teaching classes...starting in a few weeks. 

And that's exactly what I want right now. I feel kinda dumb for not figuring it out earlier. I can't even describe how much I love being in student mode. When I thought seriously about moving to Chicago about five years ago, I realized the following: 
  • To make a living, I'd be doing a similar job to what I'm doing now, except without my friends and probably working for clients I don't like as much. 
  • I'd get bumped to last in line to teach (which I love) or direct.
  • I'd be fighting for stage time. And starting from scratch against a bunch of people younger and more gung-ho than me. 
  • I have no interest in playing at Second City or writing for SNL...or really, being famous. So I'm way less motivated to compete.
It hit me: the only thing I wanted from Chicago was a chance to study this stuff.

Which having a career lets me do. So I decided I'd try to bring teachers to KC—or make at least one trip a year somewhere to train. 

John is the first person to go to Chicago...and come back to teach. He's got training no one else in KC has been through, and he's incredibly generous about sharing it. 

And Thunderdome Champion Clay Morgan teaches at ComedyCity. That seems fun, too.

I think I've maybe been going about this all wrong.

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