Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Five: Yeah, a little melt-down.

Couldn't help it. Looked at the
Star article about Thunderdome. Then went to the boards. And saw bitching about the coverage—and then got pissy and wrote snotty things and kept checking responses for the next couple of hours. And while I was at it checked Facebook and e-mail. But stopped myself before going to the blogs—it felt a lot like throwing the last few cookies in the bag away before losing every last bit of self-respect.


A possible explanation: I'm a first child, so I very much hate the idea of being left out. Add that to my Army brat-ness, which means I was never really one of the cool crowd. OK, it wasn't all just being the new kid—I was a pretty big geek all along:

Put all those things together and you've got someone who, even as a mostly indisputable grown-up, gets hit with waves of "What'd I miss? What'd I miss? Hey, guys...what's going on? Guys?"

So, note to self: Going cold turkey works much better. 

  • I told Jared I'd do a Thunderdome program (and print/"sponsor" it) if I could use the back page to plug some festival fundraisers. A last-minute call for blurbs and bios resulted in responses from less than half the groups (and an even smaller proportion of individual players), and I ended up just putting in the finalists' descriptions and listing the players for the other teams. (I'm sorry if you're one of the folks who actually followed directions.) So except for any corrections to the info from Ed and Jared, that's ready to go to the printer. 
  • Need to shoot an e-mail to the Fakers/Scriptease crew about revamping the Corbin shows. (Not to mention one to the board about the changes.)
  • One member away from having everybody in Tantrum on Google Calendar, which will let us plan meetings/rehearsals/etc. at a glance without a gazillion back and forth e-mails.
  • I still owe our KCiF designer feedback on the Web site. And need to pick up photos from Chris Thomas. And talk to Keith about running the fundraising workshops. And get info about the Kickball Thingy up on City 3. And prep for our 4/19 all-troupe meeting. And get Jess bios/sell-sheets for the guest artists.
I can manage the Corbin stuff. On hold with Tantrum. The festival stuff will have to wait. (Crap. Still haven't done taxes. There goes my Sunday.)

I talked to a co-worker today who is coming to terms with the fact that she has a math deficiency—she's forgotten to count time spent on activities and settle it up with minutes of the day. I can completely relate. 

Day two of not pulling out my Blackberry in meetings. It occurred to me that I'd never check messages in a backup line. If I'm not treating co-workers with at least as much respect as I do the people I play with, it seems like there might be some priority issues. 


  1. Okay, so I started the bitching about the Star article.
    I went and re-read it. It wasn't an article about Loaded Dice or any team. It was an article about the phenomenon of Thunderdome itself. Gosh, my ego was really large that day. I was disappointed that it wasn't more about the teams, only after I reread it did it dawn on me that Thunderdome is about Jared and Ed, not just about the teams. I am enjoying eating humble pie.

  2. Mmmmm. Pie. I'd kill to be allowed PIE.


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