Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day One: Administrative crap.

So I was a little cavalier the other day when I put out 12 steps for starting your own improv troupe. It's not that hard—just time consuming. For a hobby, this improv crap sometimes feels like a real job. Today's to-do list, for example: 
  • Send e-mails back and forth between members of Burnin' Sternum and Tantrum and Spite to figure out show and rehearsal dates.
  • E-mail Dave Razowsky about directing a duo this fall.
  • Make reservations to see Tim Mason's opening night at Second City's etc (I was the one who recruited him and Dan into CSz's high school league—mostly to make them quit making fun of my bad perm—and the "adult venue" he mentions in this video was Lighten Up).
  • Find out if the KCiF fundraisers are on track to be announced at Thunderdome this Saturday and work up plans so there's actually something to announce.
  • Work on Official Thunderdome Souvenier Program.
  • Give notes on KCiF website to designer.
(Improv also is my primary incentive for going to the gym to do cardio, which I just did. I have more fun on stage when I'm not as worried about the size of my ass.)

I am now spending significantly more time managing improv than actually improvising. And it's all completely self-inflicted.

It's probably been that way for a while, but lately—as my real job has gotten more demanding—it's felt lopsided. This is part of the reason running a theater didn't work for me, so I need to do something about it.
  • Need to make sure I'm delegating festival stuff—the committee is a bunch of really talented people. 
  • Improv On The Square has to go through some changes. On The Spot! has lost the momentum it started to build. I talked with Tommy and Sean after the cancelation last night, and there are some challenges that are pretty hard to overcome. They're different from the ones that plagued the Westport version; with a rotating cast of people and troupes folks in Liberty don't recognize, the focus of the press has to be the show. And realistically, between the casting, prepping and promoting, it's more work than I can do well right now. Fakers, on the other hand, draw a decent crowd almost every time—and with a regular cast, I can get help with the work. So I think we'll probably try out a one-show night in May and June and test that format before we take a break for the summer.
  • Getting Tantrum and Burnin' Sternums in rehearsal will feel great (and the great thing about B.S. is that we just show up—Jared and Ed do all the work). 
  • And longer-term, having four days of divided-only-two-ways attention from Dave Razowsky as a follow-up to the festival is really something to look forward to. 

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  1. Sure it wouldn't be easier to count the non-improv-related moments? I see your blackberry running out of memory space.


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