Friday, April 11, 2008

Day Six: Back on the wagon.

It was a crazy day of meetings. Good grief. I went Blackberry-free (Digital Commando) for most of it. 

Improv is toilet paper. One use and it's done. Hell, one person, one use and it's done. 

Not so much in the world of corporate marketing. Create, critique, recreate, recritique...repeat. (I recognize that this is what I signed on for. It's part of the gig—if I'd wanted to be an artist, I would have majored in English or Liberal Arts or something. My writing is, and always has been, byline-free and disposable.) 

But I gotta say, clients and creatives could learn something about process from improvisers. Trust, yes-anding and making it a policy to drink beer at the end of the night? Secrets to success, man.

I've rarely wanted a beer as much as I did tonight when I got home. Two barriers: My personal trainer and my to-do list. It's hard to say who's more demanding, honestly. 

On the list for tonight: 
  • Do all the festival stuff I didn't do yesterday. 
  • Work on the Liberty shows. (Got some smart ideas from Clay.)
If I get through it, I'm free! Free! do taxes and some stuff for work on Sunday. I want my weekends back, dammit.

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