Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day Three: More of a weaning, really.

So, I read e-mails between the gym and work—gave myself five minutes online. Zipped through the forums. Checked Facebook. And thought to myself, "OK. That's
it until after work."


Checked e-mail (you know, for photos of my nephew—above, with my sister) around 10:30am. Peeked at some C3P e-mails between a few board members. Oooooh...bad idea. Go directly to brain softener

Stayed away 'til lunch. Checked back in. Responded to e-mails about a Tantrum gig (needed a quick response) and an offer of help for City 3's board (just a quick thank-you note). Skimmed and ignored a couple of others. More board member back and forth...and sent a quick e-mail asking to be taken off the mailing list. (Since I'm not officially on the board, I can stop being nosy and back away from my non-voting, interested-party role. At least until the fest is over.)

Back on at the end of the workday. Nothing that needs an immediate response, so I'm free to head out. OK, and a quick check of the forums. 


So I didn't do so well on staying away from the e-mails. But I didn't even peek at City 3 or any of my friends' blogs. And I logged into Facebook, but steered clear of improv events. Progress?

(I should mention that as intense as my job can get, I love it. I work with the best team in the world, I get to do something I really enjoy and I genuinely believe in my company's mission. I've been feeling like I need to cut down on the energy drains in my outside life so I have more in reserve for work. When I came back to this world after leaving to run the Lighten Up Improv Co., I rebooted my career—starting almost from scratch in a new role after being gone for three years. From one perspective, I'm about 8 years behind where I could be—but from my point of view, I got to try full-time improv and full-time corporate life, so I'm exactly where I chose to be.)

Through May, Tuesday is Exit 16 night. Ashley Kirk, an alum and the newest member of CounterClockwise Comedy, sat in to take notes as part of a school project. Her first comment: "Pre-schoolers seem like little soldiers compared to these guys."

Exit 16 teaches me more about improvising than anything else I do. This year's group is row. DEE. Until they start playing, and then it's total focus. So I have to adjust my teaching style to theirs, and learn to roll with their energy rather than fight it.

This is the kind of stuff that creates energy instead of saps it. To quote my pal Jill: "Whatever is fun—do it more."

Off to do a little more schedule wrangling before turning off the computer.


  1. What are you counting again? Days towards starting your own troupe OR days to stop focusing on improv related stuff?

  2. I'm tracking a week. There will be seven posts at the end.


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