Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The source of all the problems

Note to self: Number on bottom of cable modem is IMPORTANT. Next time your Airport is live but your network isn't working, TYPE IT INTO THE BOX. If you can remember how you got to that box...damn.

Also, yes...this may be a 365 photoblog project, because I'm going all in to this documenting every second of my tedious existence. But I refuse to start a whole new blog for it.


  1. Cave...
    Fear my peer pressure!!

  2. Ah...'smostly a work thing. I feel a little obligated to understand why and how people are using the web...combine that with an addictive personality.

  3. Did I contribute to your desire to do this? It's a lot more fun than you'd imagine, I'm having a great time with mine. Good luck and enjoy!


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