Saturday, May 3, 2008

Squee. Seriously.

So right now, I'm hanging out at the Corbin, waiting to open the house for the Fakers first show as headliners (with Special Guest Eric Kirk, of Piddle). The guys are out getting food with Rob, who's going to coach them.

Which is awesome. 

Also, I'm playing a mix tape of house music Rene put together. Clay and Drew did all the promotion. Before rehearsal, Clay called a meeting to talk about starting up a new high school league. 

Also awesome. 

[And I kinda mean that, Pete.]


  1. What the F*** is Squee?

    Is that a gay high school thing?

  2. I picked it up from my favorite ironically self-aware blogger ( The approved definition:

    A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl; however, it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community.

    Omg!! New Harry Potter book out!! Omg Squee squee! omg!!!


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