Saturday, June 28, 2008

After Thunderdome

After Thunderdome, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

...we had beer.

Also: Man, what a fun night of improv. The Trip Fives' show was a blast. Everyone had terrific moments...and seeing Jenny back in a full show was all about "YAY!"

At Thunderdome, all the teams brought it. Some Technical Difficulties, then Makeshift Militia, then Babel Fish did hilarious sets. Ed and Jared, as usual, put on a hell of a show. And Some Technical Difficulties won the vote. 

Am I crazy proud of the kids and Andrew? Yep. Now...I gotta say, I would love to get Scriptease and Burnin' Sternums into the finals. I love the idea of generations competing for the belt. 

But as usual, Thunderdome is more about the improv than the winner. Tonight was a blast to watch. 

Also, to keep track of what happened: Joe may wake up tomorrow and realize he asked Andrew and me to play with Babelfish at Fringe Fest. And Nathan and I decided it'd be really fun to get all the folks who were involved the the KC High School Improv League together in a show. That would be (as far as we can tell): me, Joe, Nathan, Patrick, Adam, Ed, Jared and Tommy.

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