Wednesday, June 18, 2008


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This is Mark sitting with part of Tantrum before rehearsal.

Yes, we rehearse in a boardroom. It actually works out quite well. Though we can't yell obscenitites too loudly, out of respect for the librariness of it all. 

Rehearsal was fabulous. We ran the piece we'll do Friday, got some notes, did some exercises, got some more notes, ran the piece again, then finished up at the Flying Saucer with notes and some personal feedback. 

The great thing about getting notes from Mark is the level of detail he hits in his feedback. Things like "play forward/back physically," "play the between characters" and "try sitting down so you can't kick back on one leg." 

For me, the big note was a "middle character" one—I can handle high and low status, but need to play more between. And find ways to show low status other than verbal hesitation. The low status, though, was progress from the last times he's seen me play, when I was most comfortable in bossy-land. (This is the benefit of working with an instructor a lot over the course of 15 years.)

Anyway, I didn't think I could be more excited about Friday, but I am. One of the best pieces of feedback was for the whole group. It's easy to talk yourself into projecting results—"this will be a great show." Instead, play moment to moment. Don't put the pressure on the show—put the focus on the moment. 

Good stuff.

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  1. He said the same thing in Chicago to IA. Don't put any pressure on the show. Just play and have fun in the moment. He said that is what makes Bassprov so successful. Mark and Joe just don't give a shit about the show, they are just playing and having fun.


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