Sunday, June 15, 2008

The best kind of day for it

The best kind of day for it, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

Parked at the Filling Station, where 95% of all KCiF activity is planned, to eat the World's Best Wrap (Ginger Wrap with Apple and Fresh Mozzarella) and crank out personalized to-do lists. 

I like gorgeous sunny days as much as the next person, but if I've got stuff to do on a computer, nothing beats sitting in this place next to a floor-to-ceiling window and not feeling like I'm wasting a chance to be outside by doing it.

Prepare for a deluge of e-mails. I'm not leaving 'til the rain lets up.

UPDATE: Have worked with only one break since lunchtime, and finally feel like I've got things under control. Man, it feels good. Temporary festival flier: Done. Communication with planning teams: Done. Thunderdome program: Done. Tantrum stuff: Done. 

Now: sleep.

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