Monday, June 23, 2008

First Spite rehearsal

First Spite rehearsal, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

Yay! It's all very exciting. 

Our first rehearsal back after a moral victory in Thunderdome (hey, we were totally OK with doing a killer set but not winning the popular vote) was to hang out at Megan's and watch recordings of our T-dome set and the Tantrum show from last Friday. 

It's nice when improv shows hold up on video—both were fun to watch. We looked for changes we'd make to our set (we've got some changes to the transition we'll try as we rehearse for our Fringe Fest shows), some patterns we'll try to break out of and—perhaps most important—some wardrobe choices we'll reconsider. 


  1. Would praying for boobs be a wardrobe choice? I guess maybe...if it results in a bra with chicken cutlets.

  2. I'd give that solution about 7 minutes before regret sets in. Recommend VS Biofit bra instead.

  3. I wonder how many women have tried to use actual chicken cutlets....

    Probably fewer than the number of men who have used a sausage.

  4. Or a zucchini. Or anything else longer than it is wide.

    Our realistic-feeling options...they are limited.


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