Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Gah, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

Gah #1: Forgot to take a damn picture again.

So this is our fabulous, robot-y poster from Michael, who kicks ass. 

Gah #2: I've got that stupid, slightly sore throat edging up into my nose thing that tells me I'm looking at a full-blown cold in the next couple of days. 

Gah #3: So because of that, I lead rehearsal instead of playing. (What's the point, really, when if you end up in a make-out scene you can only go half-tongue? Seriously.) 

I had figured out some stuff to do as I felt progressively worse over the course of the day. We played around last week with different ways to deconstruct a scene or monologue, so this time we pushed that further. And it sounds like we spent a lot of the rehearsal up in our heads—starting with a pattern game warmup. 

We've been working a lot in a pseudo-Annoyance style, I think, and the work we did tonight brought in more iO philosophy. Some mapping, some thematic tangents, some pattern games...and you can really, really see why Del ranted so much against arguing. 

The emotion starts out feeling like you're getting somewhere, but in almost every case, saying "No" in any way, shape or form stopped the game cold. It destroyed the playfulness, thwarted the moves, blocked the action. I am NOT someone who believes saying no is always bad—sometimes it's absolutely called for—but it was interesting to watch it get so much in the way tonight.

Pete? Nikki? What'd you guys think? 

The main thought that kept going through my head (as I later texted to Nikki) was, "Who the hell am I to give these people notes?" Stepping into the critiquing role with my own troupe always feels weird to me—tonight was no exception. 


  1. "Who the hell am I to give these people notes?"

    You are Trish Berrong. Kansas City Improv Legend and Guru.

  2. Screw legend.

    According to Alan Scherstuhl, I'm playing with the funny Michael Montague, not-your-average hobo Josh Steinmetz, Comedy City star Nikki DuPont, incomparable improv champ Rob Grabowski, the fearless Megan Mercer and Pete Calderone, who radiates cool humor.

    Me? I poop in people's purses.

  3. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....

    You said poop.


  4. When did Alan write those things??

    Re: rehearsal
    Rehearsal last night, at least for me, threw me so far into my head that I had a difficult time remembering the simplest of things like editing a scene. I was way too focused on trying to find the map and forgot everything else. Everything. This is my problem to work through and will get easier when I stop actively thinking about things and go back to doing them instinctively. I spoke with Rob about rehearsal on the way home and we both agreed there was just a weird energy to rehearsal last night and we weren't sure why it was or why it affected us.

    Re: Giving notes
    I feel this goes for anyone... if you lead a rehearsal, you are entitled to give notes. It's inherent. If you lead a rehearsal, you're the one watching with (hopefully) an objective eye. So, stop doubting yourself and tell us what you observe.

  5. I just did a search on the Pitch site for all of the Tantrum players' names...he wrote them over the course of plugging Tantrum and 2MD.

    The energy was weird. Probably didn't help that I was feeling gross and super-tentative in pulling things together and started with something really heady. Plus Nikki was exhausted.

    We should have had beer after. Screw this grownup stuff.

  6. Ew. Reading that back there makes it sound like I blame Nikki for weirdness. Which, of course, I don't.

  7. First, let me say that I didn't read it that my tireds were the reason for the weird. There was a "Plus" before it's like we got that as an added bonus!

    I thought your notes were great -- dead on and just what we needed. Especially calling us on the "no." It may have felt odd to you, but you wear the hat well.

    Are you feeling better? I woke up in the middle of the night with a scratchy sore throat. Guess we shouldn't have half-tongued it.

  8. Dammit. I knew I should have stayed home. I didn't want to take out our whole troupe...

  9. You guys should get Walt Bodine as your ASSSCAT special guest.

  10. Can we help it that we're irresistible? It's fun to misbehave!


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