Friday, June 27, 2008

Not what I am used to

Not what I am used to, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

I do a lot of presentations. The invite list, however, is rarely "all of marketing."

"All of marketing" doesn't show up. And I ended up knowing most of the people in the room. But I was a little more nervous about this one for a few reasons: 

  • It was the first time I've done a division-wide "lunch and learn," so the content actually had to be useful. 
  • Because of a combination of other projects and (let's be honest) procrastination and maybe a little overconfidence that the material would write itself, I started late. 
  • After spending two days working on presentation skills, I felt a little more pressure than usual not to suck. 

It went fine. I was, as I knew I'd be, completely comfortable with the material; making it interesting was the tough part. 

It's not always (OK: almost never) super-fascinating to talk about process. Showing the creative that results from the process usually makes it more interesting, but in this case, everybody's already seen the creative over and over. So at 5pm yesterday, I was wandering around the building with my camera phone, trying to capture images that would spark stories or demonstrate points in entertaining ways.

Which meant that though I knew the basics of the presentation, I wasn't putting the story I was going to tell together until this morning. I put it in the presentation notes and had about 75% of a run through before delivering it to a few dozen people in an overcrowded room without a functioning AC. And I couldn't figure out how to make the remote work (turns out I wasn't aiming it carefully enough at the 1 square mm spot I needed to hit) and needed to glance at my notes for some of the slides. So I felt a little tied to the computer. 

All of this to say: I dig presenting. But making shit up with my friends is more fun.

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