Friday, June 20, 2008

Still too freakin' early

It's 5:24pm. 

Call time is 7. 6:30, if you're the early type. 

I'm dressed for the show, wearing makeup, and getting ready to walk out the door. One stop to pick up some festival fliers and another to grab some cough suppressant/antihistamine (is there such a combo?) and I'll be at the coffeehouse. 

Way to freakin' early. 

The benefit (and the only one I can think of) of not playing that often is that I still get that great stomach ache you only get when you're nervous and excited about doing a show. I got immune to them when I was playing four shows a weekend, and I'm glad they're back. I have to take vacation time on afternoons when I have shows after work, 'cause I'm almost completely useless after lunchtime. 

Tick. Tick. Tick. 

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