Monday, June 9, 2008

With apologies

Huh. So, looking at things, I'm thinking maybe mixing a 365 photo blog and an improv blog isn't working out so well. 

Maybe the mix of introspective commentary about the craft of improvisation with photos and discussions of heel blisters and overripe bananas isn't the JACK-FM/"We don't take requests" kind of crowd-pleaser.

There will be more of an effort in the coming days to include improv-related photos. 

Back to one dimension, dammit.


  1. Um, why are you apologizing? Personally, there's only so much improv one can take. I know, I know... shocking. Deal with it.

  2. Why? I enjoying seeing the non-improv side of Trish.

    Don't go changing!

  3. yeah, and what was wrong with those bananas?

  4. I can't do speckle-y. I like 'em just on the yellow side of green. So they're good for about an hour and a half.


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