Friday, July 25, 2008

After the match

After the match, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

It was another close freakin' match. And Spite won it by a single point (thanks, Traci!).

Notes from later: 

  • The Mini-Dome match was a lot like the one Thursday—two good sets, audiences made up as much of civilians as fans, small houses. I-A brought it—it's really cool to see how they've developed since Chicago. Magie...WOW. It's super-cool-fun to watch a performer improve exponentially from show to show. She's always had a really engaging on-stage persona, and she's really coming into her own as an improviser. It's great to see her become stronger and more confident in every freaking scene she's in. We were thrilled to hear the score was as close as it was and pretty surprised to hear we were moving on. 
  • We felt like our set was solid, but knew we were capable of more. We had fun, but didn't really fuck with each other the way we know we can. Don't really know the reason. It was  weird little set with some fun moments. 
  • But we knew we had the late show. After a quirky first scene, we found our rhythm in a beauty pageant scene as soon as boobies came up. Man, that set was fun. Three-fifths of the Trip Fives (Megan, Jenny and Jared) kicked the show off strong, and we rode the wave. We played with archetypes and male-female issues. Not in a statement-y way, but seriously bringing an all-female perspective to some of the scenes. AND we had Andre Du Broc on keyboard—adding a fourth dimension to every scene. Zoinkies, it was fun.
  • Later, during Beers On The Roof™, we talked about "going to 11." Michael Gellman said in a workshop: (paraphrasing) "Try to stop before the point where your only choice is to rip each other's clothes off." Joe Bill talks about channeling the instinct to "fuck or fight" into your object work. Rob brought up the idea that in improv scenes, we cut before it goes too far—but does that mean we (and the audience) are missing out? Charley's theory is "leave 'em wanting more." From now on, this discussion will be known as "Nikki will never eat the bratwurst."

It was the kind of night that reminds me why I do this. 

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