Thursday, July 31, 2008

The best team EVER

The best team EVER, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

Even when it gets bigger and smaller.

Tonight we met at Sol Cantina to welcome new staff members and say goodbye for a couple going on rotation (a short stint in another department) and a guy I've worked with for six years. 

I've never worked with a better group. Freaky talented, crazy fun, incredibly committed. They respect each other. They play. They work. They freakin' improvisers. 

And just like a solid improv troupe, every time someone leaves, you think it'll never be the same. And it isn't...but the group shifts, changes and finds its level again. 

For me, the thing that makes this group special is that they allow me to be authentically me. I don't have to fake or hide or apologize for anything. It's a wonderful thing.

(I should mention there are about 40 of us. This is a random sampling.)


  1. Yeah, but how good are they at Da Doo Ron Ron?

  2. Some of 'em passed the Hallmark greeting card portfolio, so I'd guess pretty good. Others...not so much.


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