Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The KC Improv Showcase (see the whole schedule here) kicked off tonight at the KC Fringe Festival. Guy (on the right) is a fabulous host, and he's turned to space into a fun little theater. 

Jared (on the left) is completely in charge of Mini-Dome (Thunderdome Junior) while Ed is in Mexico. Tonight's match was Trivial Prov-Suit (John Robison and James Nelson) vs. Loaded Dice (the first season champion). It was a fun couple of sets. John and James shine in this format—they play off each other well, keep the scenes moving and put some nice thematic twists on their subject matter. Loaded Dice was, as usual, really fun to watch. In the closest vote yet—just one point difference—Trivial Prov-Suit took the round. 

There was a time in my life I would've killed myself to see every freaking show. Now, however, I am old and realize I have to plan my life a little more carefully. Traveling all week and an appointment at the gym at 7am mean I need to be asleep in 30 minutes (thank you, Tylenol PM). Festival and Corbin work tomorrow night mean I'll only see the show right before mine. 11pm shows just won't happen, and I'm preparing myself emotionally for that. (Surviving the KC Improv Festival will mean burning a significant amount of PTO.)

It'll be interesting to see what kind of crowds we pull. Will it be more performing to friends and family—or will we capture and convert new audiences? 

In other news: Tantrum will perform a series of three shows at the KC Public Library starting in September. More on that later...

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