Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The most important part of rehearsal

I mean, duh. Notes. Dennis was there to give us notes.

Which was very nice and helpful of him.

Spite has typically been coachless, which isn't an ideal situation, but having a smart improv guy married to one of your troupe members has its advantages. So we ran our show twice, hit 28 and 30 minutes on the nose (which is good, since that's how long we got), and went as weird as we typically go. 

It's funny—this girl group goes further out into weird/whimsical/creepy land than anyone I've ever played with. It's easy to play fearless and vulnerable with Megan and Nikki, so there's lots of room to run. Tonight, we played mean girls refusing to help an old lady in a Rascal™ in a grocery store, depressed cougars, lots of two-evil-girls-against-one-outsider scenes, a mobster-influenced office and a scene in a house so overrun with cats you couldn't stand in it. (Yes, the house was mine. I am giving you the finger right now.)

But it's not weird for weird's sake. There's almost always a relationship...from the inside, our work doesn't feel premise-driven. It's not about "how wacky can we be," it's about how the characters treat each other.

Anyway. It felt good. The shows should be fun. We've got two coming up Friday, July 25, at the Fringe Fest, and one set with Tantrum on August 22 at Westport Coffeehouse. Plus potentially a couple more in the works.  

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