Saturday, July 5, 2008

The really important stuff

The really important stuff, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

Timmy and I met to talk about money. The fun part. 

So we talked about plane tickets for the guest artists and paypal accounts for the workshop students and insurance and contracts and what we've spent so far and accounting software and staffing the festival weekends.

The KC Improv Festival is—on purpose—super low maintenance. There's just  no other way to do it. Everyone on the planning committee has another job and plays with at least one troupe...and many of them take on a fair amount of responsibility for those troupes. 

But even as little as we have to worry about compared to larger festivals, there are a ton of details. From little things like making sure the casts have water back stage and getting everyone to sign releases to let us video their shows and take pictures of them to the big stuff, like flying guest artists in and signing contracts with Union Station. 

And that is why there's a file on my computer called The List Of Everything.

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