Friday, July 18, 2008

The smart money

The smart money, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

Is on Spite, baby.

So here's what this says: 

The Improv Mini-Dome is a bite-sized version of the sellout Improv Thunderdome, which pits the best local improv comic troupes against one another in half-hour sets July 23, 25 and 27 at the Hollywood Room, in the former Paddy O'Quigley's (100 East 20th St.). The smart money is on Spite on July 25 or Loaded Dice on July 23.
Next week is going to be a little nuts. I'm doing some recruiting stuff for Hallmark Monday-Wednesday, which means I have to be "on" for 8+ hours a day. I SUCK AT SCHMOOZING—and our schedule starts at 8 and ends at 10. I can fake it in small doses...but I have a feeling I'm going to crash hard when I get home at night. (One bit of relief—will get to have dinner with family on Tuesday night, since we're heading to Atlanta. Every now and then, I get these twice-in-a-month visits, which almost makes it feel like they're nearby. Man, I envy folks who have family in the same city.)

Anyway, is improv-intensive, as well. We'll show up to cheer on Loaded Dice in Improv Mini-Dome on Wednesday night, I'll sit in with BabelFish Thursday night, Spite plays two sets Friday night, I'll rehearse with Burnin' Sternums (Keith, Pete, Rob and Nick) and Poke (Tommy) on Saturday, then see Loaded Dice and the Scriptease boys in Thunderdome Saturday night. 

If there's ever a chance of burning out on this stuff, this may be the week. 

PLUS it'll be the fourth short work-week in a row, which makes it hard to hit a rhythm. This week was going to be normal, but a check-up with my dermatologist turned into more fun than I'd anticipated: two moles removed, one from each side of my jaw. (My dad has had every kind of mole-related skin cancer you can get, so my new doctor wants to see me every 3-6 months.)  I'm a little nervous about what the biopsy will show—more from one side than the other—but my first thought was "I've got a show in a week. Will my stitches be out?" Anyway, I took painkillers and worked from home today, so had another truncated week.

IT IS COMPLETELY SCREWING WITH MY CONCEPT OF TIME. Everything is moving muuuuuch too quickly toward July 31 (one of my staff member's last day), August 11 (the day another staff member starts a temporary stint in another department), August 22 (the next Spite show), August 26 (Exit 16 starts back up), August 30 (Burnin' Sternums in Thunderdome), September 5 (the start of the festival) and (oh, crap—forgot about this one) the return of Comedy on the Square in Liberty.


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