Sunday, July 27, 2008

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This was an amazing week/weekend. Guy and Jared put together five nights of terrific improv—and showcased a great big chunk of the KC improv community. I can't even imagine how exhausted they must be—hell, I'm tired, and I was only there for little parts of four nights of it.

So tonight was the Mini-Dome Championship. I gotta tell you, Nikki and Megan and I were nervous. We felt so-so about our Friday Mini-Dome set (our Friday Showcase set was another matter—we all felt on and in sync), and at least one audience member agreed. At Thunderdome, you always know there are folks in the audience who are against you, but somehow it's different when you know it's not because they're for someone else. 

Continuing the win-by-a-point trend, we beat out a solid Trivial Prov-Suit set by John and James 23-22. Honestly, it was a little bittersweet—we all felt like we started out strong, but hit a rut somewhere along the way. We had some good relationship work and game moves all the way through; the last few scenes, though, had a sameness to the rhythm and energy. For my part, I know my last few characters had the same cadence, diction and energy, even if the status and voice varied a little. 

Spite has done four shows—three of those this weekend—and less than a dozen rehearsals. Of the shows, we thought (and the folks we trust for honest, even brutal, feedback agree) two were terrific—some of the best work I've done on stage with any group—and two were adequate. And we never hit a scene or run of scenes that felt hellish and awful. It's not a bad record. 

Jared—and his membership in the Hobby Lobby loyalty program—did a lovely job with the Mini-Dome trophy. Megan, Nikki and I will take turns with it.


  1. Hm, I wonder if that was Amber Dawn Jennings who wrote your review. If so, she's married to our former network admin here at HWI.

  2. I keep checking KC Stage for an updated review of the championship, where she says how disappointed she was that we won.


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