Saturday, August 9, 2008

View from the way home

View from the way home, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

One of these days I'll have to go INside. I love driving by this place at night—and this time, I couldn't resist slowing down. This is from the driveway in front of the main museum, with the Bloch building reflected in the pool. I can't believe we have stuff like this in Kansas City. 

Anyway. This was a nice li'l juxtaposition to this afternoon's rehearsal, which was—by design—anything but tranquil. 

Burnin' Sternums have bitten off a pretty big improv chunk for Thunderdome. Last week, we worked on character stuff; this week, we played around with the number of people on stage, and what we're doing while we're there. Exercise 1: Growing Shrinking, but not the game. One player starts, the rest join one by one and then leave—but not in the same order, and not changing scenes. Then we used a Jilly Bee exercise—two people start a scene, and the third enters to fuck it up. (The point: No one can fuck up a scene.)

What we lacked in focus, we made up in play. It was a little bit of what my friend Amy would call a "clusterspank" (she has kids, and likes that it still sounds dirty but is harmless), but good grief, it was fun. We learned how far out we can push it's just a matter of grounding the scene in relationships.

Most important: We were shushed. In the library. WHICH IS AWESOME. (And makes me really happy Rob's name is on the Burnin' Sternum's reservation instead of mine.)

(On the other hand, I can't help wondering when we'll get kicked out of our fabulous free rehearsal space. We work really hard to get in rooms where we won't be disruptive to library patrons...but today, we got stuck in the worst possible room for a rehearsal. 8x8, right off the main floor. A little hard to relax...)

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