Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We do more than drink

We do more than drink, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

Seriously. We rehearse hard.

This, however, was taken at John's, where we debrief. 

We ("we" being "Spite," being "Nikki, me and Megan," from left to right) were trying to figure out the roller coaster of our shows' success. From our POV (and that of improvisers we trust), we're 2 and 2—2 we're incredibly proud of, 2 we know weren't our best work. Without a coach to pick things apart, we're on our own to figure out what's working, what's not and how to fix what's broken. 

What we know: 

  • We trust each other—we've said it, we know it, we've internalized it. 
  • We have fun f-ing with each other—at our best, we're surprising each other with what we come up with. 
  • We're equals—we feel like we're evenly matched, and each bring something equally cool to the group.
I'll take risks on stage with Nikki and Megan I don't think I would take with other players. It's not that I consciously hold back with other troupes I play with—I try to push myself in all of them. But with Spite, I'm not self-conscious. I don't have to pretend to feel confident. I don't feel judged for any choice I make.

And for me, it's that we know what we know. We've said it out loud. To each other. (Hey, we're girls. We talk things out.) So there's never a nagging doubt that your scene partner doesn't think you're all that good. I never wonder if they're not telling me something they wish I'd do or not do—because we're getting pretty good about telling each other stuff. We don't do critiques, really—but we put ourselves and each other in situations where we can figure things out and talk it through. 

Anyway, it's fun. 

Also...MAN, I need a haircut.


  1. The three hottest women in the KC Comedy scene!

  2. Well, that's how we felt. John's AC is unreliable at best.


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