Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yeah, well

Yeah, well, originally uploaded by tberrongkc.

The Notebook Full Of Everything (leather-bound, $30) was a charming idea. But for festival business, nothing beats the MacBook.

The goal was to capture meetings, dates, events, tasks, deadlines—everything!—all in one convenient, easy-to-pass-along-to-the-next-artistic-director place. 

Maybe I'll just hand over the computer instead. 

The festival is now fewer than five weeks away. It sounds like a looooong time to some folks—and like minutes to me, because there's so much in between. The second I sit down at the computer, I'm learning to open three Stickies—one for festival stuff, one for Tantrum stuff and one for everything else (work, Corbin Board, personal life). That way I can type stuff in as it occurs to me, and it makes it at least a little less likely nothing falls off. 


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