Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 3: Sometimes, it's all about the people

First of all: Tonight Tantrum officially (or as officially as we get) celebrated b-day number one. Pete bought a cake, because he rocks.

And now: Today's reminder...because it's not a lesson, really.

A good number of people start at my company right out of school, leave for a while, and come back (um, like I did). They usually give the same reason for returning: They miss the people (also like I did).

It's impossible not to get excited about going into work when I think about who I get to hang out with. Some of the best writers and designers...sharpest account and traffic people...and generally most fun, talented, generous, creative folks I've ever worked with sit within flying-screaming-monkey shooting distance from my booth. And whenever things get nuts, that's the reason it's worth it.

Which is exactly what it's like when you find an improv troupe you dig.

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