Sunday, September 28, 2008

The end of a long, fun weekend

First, and just because I HAVE to get this out of my system. What kind of a dick do you have to be to say something mean about a high school troupe's show in your Facebook status? Seriously.*

Second, the movie The Fugitive still holds up. Even when they friendly up Tommy Lee Jones' language. Harrison Ford looked better pre-earring.

Third, I saw some fun shows this weekend.

THURSDAY: I am in absolute awe of Pretty. Funny. It's not just the funny. They are so generous and playful with each other—you can't help but wish you were up there with them. Gorgeous pacing, insightful writing, great casting. The sincere, spontaneous standing O they got was completely deserved.

FRIDAY: I'd been wanting to catch a ComedyCity show in their new space, and knew a bunch of my pals were playing Friday. The new space is terrific: great size, location, energy, vibe, everything. I really hope this is the start of a successful new era for CC.

SATURDAY: The Trip Fives show was a blast—Jared, Ed, Jen, Megan and Tim complement each other really well, and their format really played to their strengths. I laughed hard and often. The Thunderdome Championship was a blast: all three teams were on their games. I was blown away by what Andrew and the kids pulled together—and it was fun to see Exit 16 alum Darin Seal on the keyboards with Andrew's guitar. I know from talking to them that some of the kids were pushed outside their comfort zones—what with the music and the poetry and all—but they committed 100% and the result was good.* Scriptease played the best set I've ever seen them do—and (hope they wouldn't mind me mentioning it) they played in honor of a former classmate's memory, which made it that much more moving and meaningful. And Type O Positive put up another super-fun set—so funny, so smart, so playful. I really hope they're one of the Thunderdome teams (like Loaded Dice or Spite) that decides it's too much fun to be a one-shot deal. (Fluffer Nutter would do the same, if I were all-powerful and got to pick...)

STD won and Scriptease took second, which isn't really the POINT of Thunderdome (OK, it is). And yes, I am freaky proud of the youngsters. Andrew and Rob are terrific coaches, and have taken both troupes further than I ever would have. It's such a good thing for groups to get different perspectives from different directors—you can't help but grow. Rob has the perfect temperament for the Scriptease guys, and they're freaky lucky to have someone as talented as he is as a coach. Andrew is an artist in every sense of the word, and he pushes the Exit 16 kids to play up to their intelligence.

So yeah, it's been a good weekend.

This week: Tuesday is Exit 16's first show of the year, which always rocks. (They had a terrific rehearsal, even.) We're back at the Corbin on Saturday, with Fakers (aka Scriptease) and the kids from Exit 16 who are blowing off Homecoming.

Oh, and Thursday. Thursday I start belly-dancing classes. Three reasons:
1. Need to add another workout.
2. Need to do something in my life that has NOTHING TO DO WITH IMPROV.
3. Need Girl it up a little. Working out has helped, but I'm still much more comfortable in my brain than my body.


Only 12 more days 'til LA, and classes with Jill and Dave Razowsky. Counting down.

*Plus, for the record, he's wrong. The STD set was "all that funny." And I've got enough experience doing and watching this stuff to put my admitted bias aside in that assessment. Their edits were tight, their relationships were strong, their callbacks were solid and there are professional troupes around here that couldn't match their game moves.


  1. Perhaps you would like to share who has your feathers all ruffled?

  2. Nope. It was a comment by someone who's not even on my friend list—I just came across it when I was looking at photos.

  3. I quite literally lol'ed there, thanks so much for the Fluffer Nutter complement! Good news, by the way, we formed the group before it was even announced that there was going to be a second Thunderdome, and then decided that we would enter, why not? So Fluffer Nutter is around for the forseeable future. We just need to get some shows booked....Hopefully I'll get right on that. :-)

  4. Thanks for the kind words about PF. It was great to have you there...and great to have a big beer after. Go meat! I mean, hooray beer!


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