Friday, September 5, 2008

Like Donkey Kong.

Monkey 13 and the Masked Menace opens 8: The KC Improv Festival. 

Man, tonight was fun. 

I can't begin to say how happy I am with our choice to bring back pretty much the same groups from last year. It was great to have Dan Izzo, Chris, Tim and John open the show. And to see Dan Walsh, Jeff and Wendy play together again—David, their friend from LA, was terrific. Jill's set was...well, it's Jill. So it was just perfect. And Der Monkenpickel—this year, all five of them—was so much fun to watch because they have so much fun with each other. 

Besides work, there are two things I do that feel like they matter beyond just the everyday stuff: work with the kids at Exit 16 and this festival. I bitch about it a lot, roll my eyes when I have to spend another evening sending press releases, and play the martyr more than is absolutely necessary or appropriate. But after a night like this, everything feels absolutely worth it. 

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