Monday, September 15, 2008

KC Improv Festival After-Action Review, Part III

This one's a photo review. 

First of all, here's how it started for me—Jill came in to work with the Exit 16 kids. 

The first night of shows was a blast. Sold out crowds, great shows, great parties. And I got to see these three guys (Jeff, Dan and Wendy) play together, which makes me happy (though this is probably from night two):

Actually getting to enjoy an after party is always a good thing. Here, I dissect a tiny frog with Tim from monkey 13 and the masked menace.

Jill and I had our "first rehearsal" for Brownies Don't Lie, our new show. (Our second, third, fourth and fifth rehearsals with Dave Razowsky begin in October in LA. At some point, we'll schedule an actual performance.) When Jill visits, we take pictures of Truchi and Argo and turn them into LOLCats. This is her shot of Truchi. (Yeah, he looks annoyed...but there were two warm bodies who did nothing all day but lay around and eat, so he was actually pretty happy.)

Tantrum effed with each other for 30 minutes solid. In this scene, we instituted the new "the person carrying the person carrying the football must also be carried" rule for a first down.

This seems like it would be a pretty kick-ass cast:

Hey! This is Tim drinking...and there's not even a show to do!

The Exit 16 kids (minus a few) opened Sunday night.

Right here, you're looking at the two people who might just be the happiest about the festival being over. Except maybe Bess should be in it, too.

Note to self: Learn to not make a face like a dumbass every time there's a camera around.


  1. Oh God, you're a tease. Me, you, Nikki, and Shelly in a show = me very happy.

  2. FINALLY! A blog entry that mentions me a lot. What is the POINT of the internet if it is not all about me???


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