Friday, September 26, 2008

Like toilet-paper

I've always heard the line that improv is like toilet paper: good for one use.

Fight Club actually helped me believe that. Because you're not allowed to talk about it after, you learn to treat the scenes you do as less important precious. That has translated into performing...I'm much less likely to torture myself over a screwy scene, a mediocre show or a missed game move, because 1) it doesn't exist anymore and 2) honestly, people, I'll have plenty of opportunities to do better.

Which is today's "treat work like a show" lesson: Let. It. Go.

It's been a nightmare of a week—for others more than for me. But the tough part from my POV has been the emotional investment on one side and emotional drain on the other. If I didn't give a shit about my work or the people I work with, my left eye wouldn't be twitching and I wouldn't feel like I've been run over by a bus. I'm freaking TIRED. 

But I'm not angry, in tears or otherwise worked up. I have been—several times this week—but once I got out of the moment, I was pretty much able to get past it. This is a fairly new that comes from a combination of growing up, management training, medication and—yep—Fight Club. 

It's been an interesting weekend to try to treat work like a show. I can't say I've been 100%...or even 50%...successful. But it has helped me recognized the potential for being engaged in my work at a different level. 

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