Monday, September 8, 2008

Recovered and ready to go

Brother Love in Saturday night's show. 

Taking today off may count as the smartest thing I have ever done. Which is good, since "sure, let's open up that third bottle of champagne that's been in my fridge forever" was part of yesterday's decision set. (First order of business this morning: Check online activity for evidence of regrettable decisions. Result: No embarrassing wall posts or tweets. Amazon one-click ordering under $20. No confessional e-mails. We're good.)

It feels like the festival is over, but really, we're only half-way there. Last weekend was two shows, a day of workshops and two after-parties. This weekend, we replace the workshops with a third show. Ticket sales seem to be picking up—I'm hopeful our local crowds will come through. We got great press, and I think we'll get at least a passing mention in the Pitch. 

Now, off to bed. The next three days are all about normal: work, rehearsals, workouts and sleep. 


  1. Then I suppose you weren't serious when you said I should make those "Jess and Trish, we're twins!" shirts with our pictures on them. *gulping breath* Okay, uh, I guess I can live with that. *throws conspicuous package away, trying to be discreet*


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