Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in the swing of things...finally

What has happened since getting back: 
  1. Did the ritual with Exit 16. This is a cohesive, happy group, and it showed. 
  2. Did the second Tantrum show at the library. New folks for the library and for us. Meeting objective. 
  3. Did the show with Spite, Babel Fish and Jill. Had a blast. Spite was a little...spiteful. We still fight a lot—because we're most comfortable with 2-on-1 scenes—but it was, as usual, lots of fun to play with/eff with the girls. Babel Fish was incredibly fun, and Jill made the perfect poop joke at the end. Why? Because as Megan set up what to expect from their set, Nathan yelled "and poop jokes!" from back stage. But there were none. So when Jill arrived late, she said she'd been pooping. Because that happened. I had a blast doing Brownies Don't Lie, because: 
a. I don't know that it's possible to do a bad show with Jill. 
b. We got to play with Viewpoints, which is, as it turns out, fun. 
c. The experienced improvisers in the crowd noticed what we were trying to do. 
d. The crowd was friendly and patient. 
e. I decided to revel in playing with someone with tons more education and experience
than I have instead of beating myself up for not retaining as much from Dave's direction. 

Other stuff happened, too: getting caught up at work, reestablishing my routine, doing lots of laundry, cleaning house, watching the 'Horns beat up on Mizzou, realizing Viewpoints is now affecting the way I teach games like Sitting/Standing/Bending, also realizing I still yell too much at the kids, wishing I could make work always easy and fun for everyone on my staff, realizing that every six months my dermatologist is going to hack something else off but at least this time it gets me out of jogging, and getting really cool family news that I can't be specific about yet but SQUEEEEEEE!

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  1. Aw! You luvs me!

    Did you ever read that psychological change takes six months? I just have this feeling that we'll wake up in April and go "OH!!" suddenly understanding all Dave told us.


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