Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 4: Pre-vision

Today: Another short session, but just enough. We spent the first part talking about what we’d done and what we want to do, then went to scene starts and let them play out.

Jill and I are getting more confident in our moves and getting a better sense of each other on stage. We haven’t had a problem granting trust—that’s just assumed. I’ve seen her play a dozen times; she’s seen me in workshops. So it was kinda cool that in a couple of our scenes today, we knew exactly—in one case, down to the line of dialogue—what we wanted from each other.

It’s also going to be interesting as we get to the more tactical part of the process—figuring out what we’re going to do at the show—to see how Jill, Dave and I work differently to get to product. We’re all confident in our ability to reach it (handy).

I’m not worried about form. For a 30-minute set, I think it’s enough to just fill it with something entertaining that makes sense to the audience without worrying about whether there’s a beginning, middle or end. (And since I know what Spite and Babel Fish will be doing, I know we’re working towards something different.) (If we were planning a 60- or 90-minute show—not just a set—I’d definitely be more concerned with there being a form. We’d need to worry more about pulling the audience through an experience. In this case, changing troupes will do that for us.)

So my brain has already started going to staging and transitions. I’ve got a couple of thoughts, which I’ve just mentioned or written down, because I don’t want them to get in the way of what we’re working on.

Our show isn’t taking shape yet, but it’s starting to…well, like a bunch of little blobs coming together to form a big blob. Sometime after dinner tomorrow, the big blob will look like something.


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