Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh...yeah, that

Got together with some/most of the Tantrum guys tonight to play with some Viewpoints stuff. Just to try it out and see if we like it enough to try it out some more. 

It seemed to have gone OK. I was a little nervous, just because I struggled with it enough that it felt weird to talk others through it. But (after what I'm sure was a thrilling session where I read my notes aloud) I picked exercises that were pretty easy and fail proof, and it seemed to go pretty well. 

AND (I've been teaching long enough that this shouldn't be such a big surprise) it's much easier to spot things when  you're watching than when you're in it. Even watching people walk around in Pete's basement was fun. (You know. For me.) 

Here's what I love about the Viewpoints stuff, even in the super-simplistic form we used it tonight: 
  • Good heavens, 7 people with heightened awareness of each other can be cool to watch. 
  • And you have a sense of what the relationships are just by watching how they move (or don't) around each other.
  • You can sit in a chair...and that can be enough if your partner treats it like it is. 
  • Doorknobs really do talk to you. SRSLY.
  • If you watch for it and wait for it, anything is a gift. 
It seems like we may play some more with this stuff. Yay for books. 


  1. It reminded me of something that I taught in a workshop a loooong time ago. It's why I had this incredible sense of deja vu all freaking night and why it took until I awoke this morning to figure it out.

  2. I wondered what that look on your face was.

  3. You should talk more about the book...


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