Monday, October 6, 2008

Three more days

These next few weeks will be a little nuts.

Original plan for tonight was to hit a Margolis movement workshop. But the to-do list got the better of me, so instead, I sent out releases for the upcoming Tantrum and Spite/Babel Fish/Brownies Don't Lie shows. I should be sending out a mass email, but my mass email list is on my NON-FUNCTIONING LAPTOP,* which is currently in the hands of a Hallmark tech guy who can work miracles. 

Tomorrow night the Exit 16 kids will watch a video of their show—oh, hey, an email to them about rehearsal is the other thing I'm supposed to do—and see what they look like on stage. Since they won't need me for the first hour, I'll go to a belly dancing class (since I'll be gone on Thursday) before heading out to Liberty. 

Wednesday Tantrum rehearses, and Thursday morning I leave for LA. Jill and I have tickets for Jane Austen Unscripted on Friday; I've seen this group do Shakespeare, and they're absolutely unbelievable. I know two of the cast—Dan O'Connor Lisa Fredrickson—from the old festival days. Thursday, we'll see Dasariski, and Saturday, I'll drag my college roommate to Beer Shark Mice. (I'm fairly certain I'll get her addicted.)

I keep telling myself I'll do something non-improv related out there, but there are just so many good shows to see. And as good as KC troupes are getting, nobody can match the guys who are doing this for a living in LA, Chicago and New York. There's nothing like seeing really good work to get inspired about performing. 

But the big inspiration will come in the workouts with Dave and Jill. I think I've mentioned that we haven't talked at all about our show or what we want to do. I think we're both looking to be challenged, and I don't doubt that Dave will push us. 

Crap. My battery is redlining. 

*Before there's any dissing of MacBooks, I want to point out that I treat my laptop like a legal pad—I'm not particular gentle with it. So a piece of the hard-drive is broken. The Hallmark guy is seeing if any info can be rescued** before I take it to the Apple store to take advantage of the almost-up warranty. 

**No, I don't back up as often as I should.

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