Monday, November 3, 2008

So here's my idea

I think Exit 16 may need to do an all-games show. 

The games will be chosen and designed to teach important scene, character, object work and other skills. Of course. But I think we need a break from long-form to pander, a little, to the audience. 

I miss playing short-form. I'm not a great short-form player—I'm especially not great at playing it for laughs. But I'm not a long-form purist. I love that Standing/Sitting/Bending can make you focus on environment and movement (and the Viewpoints work adds a whole new level). And that Experts/Dating Game/Good, Bad, Worst Advice lets you build a character. And the way Pan Left/Pan Right focuses you on the tight, simple game of the scene. 

I haven't played a short-form show since the last time I played On The Spot! And that was a long time ago. The next chance I'll get to will be Exit 16's alumni show. 


In other news, Spite met for a "business meeting" tonight (read "it was 1/2 price bottle night at the Drop). We know we'd like to submit to a festival and....and...that's about as far as we've got. We'll wait for Tantrum to make some decisions, since it's easier to just schedule around them/us. 

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