Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting a head start

Michael and I—the appointed marketing people in Tantrum—got together tonight to hammer out a plan for next year. We start monthly shows January 9 (eep!), so there's just a LITTLE BIT OF A SENSE OF URGENCY, MAYBE, to get the marketing effort underway. 

(Can I just say how cool this divide and conquer thing is? We have a list. Everybody has jobs. And they're doing them, because we're grown-ups. It kicks some ass.)

Because we are Comfortable With Structure, we:
  • figured out our target audience, 
  • broke our mission into a couple of high-level objectives, 
  • blew those out into some smaller goals, 
  • then mapped out strategies and tactics for each one. 
I feel like we got to some ideas beyond the stuff we've been doing, and am pretty sure when the other guys see the plan they'll have more to add. 

During the course of our meeting at the Town Tavern (which I highly recommend if you need beers and stromboli), we ran into a friend of Michael's who gave us her e-mail address so we could tell her about shows, and my next-door neighbor (a regular audience member) who bought us a round. 

So we actually marketed the show from within the marketing meeting. This seems like a good start.

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  1. I like the second Fridays idea. It is sort of like first Fridays. It would be cool if it catches on.


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