Monday, December 1, 2008

Last show of the year

Dang, that was fun. 

Michael was missing, which meant there was a Junior-sized hole in the funny. But Friday's Tantrum+The Union was a fun show—and holds up on video, which always feels like a good sign. Tom was a fantastic monologist, and Corey & Mo's set was terrific—smart, funny and disturbing in a very good way.

I tend to watch videos of the shows kind of a lot. Like, sometimes more than a few times in a row. Over several days. To the point where I can parrot entire scenes. That way I can obsessively pick apart and second-guess my performance. (If I can get that far. I got so annoyed at the way I was standing at the beginning of the last library show—hunched over, with my arms folded—that I haven't gotten past the first few minutes yet. See? Obsessive.) So, from this show:

The good: 
  • MUCH better posture.
  • I mostly fulfilled my goal of coming in and just reacting to my partner—except for a couple of quick adds, which went fine. 
  • In the first scene, I remember very specifically letting go of my original idea for the scene and following Megan, who had a better one.
  • I had some good edits—without (I hope) being overly aggressive.
  • I played cancer as "sexy," and my scene partners could tell I was playing cancer as "sexy." I see both of these as major achievements. 
The bad: 
  • All my awareness of the Viewpoints stuff—gone. Shape? Topography? Spacial relationships? Duration? Repetition? GONE. I need to practice it more.
  • I tell my kids to cheat out. And yet, I directly face my scene partner and turn my butt to half the audience.
  • I treat "um" like it's an actual word.  
  • Two very unconvincing make-out scenes with Josh. I mean, not even good pretending. It's just...I've never been able to fake a make-out scene with a girlfriend, fiancee or wife in attendance. 
  • If I'm saying, "It's just that..." it's a very clear sign that I'm not letting the scene advance.
  • Am I seriously that whiny? Good GRIEF.
  • Would it kill me to play a fucking character every once in a while?
Yeah, yeah, yeah...I pay attention to (and learn from) the other players, too. I just don't spend as much time pulling them into tiny pieces.

(Jill, if you're reading this: The "bad" is not self-flagellating. I had fun and am mostly OK with my performance. But it can use refining.)


  1. Joe Bill watches sets compulsively too, but I don't know what he's looking for.

    I love to watch the Drum Machine sets. I just think that girl's so funny, she has exactly my sense of humor.

  2. I saw two of the last four Tantrum shows, and I don't see a problem with you picking a fucking character, I find that your characters are fairly diverse. Perhaps not in a large way, but there are SO many people with little quirks- different motivations, etc. so I don't believe that you are not picking different characters. I have seen the 'Trish' character, but I have also seen an abundance of other characters. I also see you melding into the ideas of the other players as you need to, but also not giving up your ideas if they are 'better'.

  3. Thanks! (I'm kind of horrified at what the "Trish" character might actually be. I hope it's NOT one of the ones with exaggerated, rock-bottom, abuse-me-please, low self-esteem. As Susan Messing says, it's fun to play the victim.)


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