Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This one goes to 11

OK. It's a bit of a force fit: This is Exit 16's 11th year, and 10th alumni show. 

As usual, I have no freakin' clue who or how many will show up, which doesn't make planning a show the easiest thing in the world. The first half of each show will be short form—and I'll throw it together in the 45 minutes before the show starts while the kids warm up. For the second half, I'll probably do some version of the living room. I'm thinking I'll divide them into clumps—one clump will have a conversation, another clump will do the scenes, and we'll just rotate around. 

The current group hasn't had rehearsal in two weeks because of the weather. Not ideal, but it doesn't hurt this show as much as some. We worked on edits the last time we were together, so they should be montage-ready. 

Tantrum has our first holiday gathering tomorrow night at Megan's. On the agenda: Watch the last show, do a little wine tasting (Josh and the Red X have elevated our sophistication level), and draw names—then make a sock puppet of the person whose name you draw. (This last idea was conceived—and stoked—over a couple of beers after the last Pretty.Funny. show.) If there's anyone left in the group who doesn't think I'm a hopeless, helpless geek, the new-poster-inspired sugar cookies I made tonight will fix that. (They looked better in my head—I haven't quite perfected a good, shiny confectioner's sugar glaze.) 


  1. Wow you made cookies inspired by posters? That's impressive.


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