Sunday, January 11, 2009

Enough to go around

Let's review. Saturday night, you could choose from: 
Tantrum performed for a respectable crowd on Friday, too.

Within the week, improv shows got major coverage in the Star (twice) and the Pitch. We got a call on Tantrum/Comedy On The Square's reservation line from a freelancer working on an article about the comedy scene in the urban core (if you direct a troupe that plays regularly in midtown/westport/crossroads/downtown, gave her your name and number). 

We've got what we wanted. People are noticing. CIVILIANS are noticing. 

This is about to get really fun.


  1. Even with all those other venues sold out, Biblioclast & H7 had great crowds as well. There are more than enough civilians to go around.

  2. It wasn't a conventional improv show, but I think CounterClockwise sold out Saturday at the Screenland as well.


  3. Out of date link alert! It's actually:

    Glad to hear the shows downtown went well! Hype 7 had a great crowd, great show, and we had a lot of fun bringing out our inner rock stars. I did go ahead and post pics on my blog and facebook, squee!

  4. CCC did sell out Saturday, and I heard from someone else that Comedy City might have too. What the butt?


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