Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ready as I'll ever be


It's time for a show again. 

One class, one session with Exit 16, one rehearsal and one Improv Gym later, I'm as prepared for this one as possible. And mostly, it's because I got plenty of reminders of what works for me and what doesn't. 

  • Start from an emotional or physical place.
  • Connect immediately with my scene partner. 
  • Come into the scene with a different energy from what has gone before (both scenes and characters).
  • Decide and discover—commit to a choice, then find out what happens next.
  • Start by expressing an idea about plot. 
  • Brainstorm ideas for plot/character development in my head while I'm watching scenes.
  • Come into a scene with an idea of what should happen next. 
  • Wimp and whine—play low-status characters in every scene because I'm not making bold choices. 
The beauty of Tantrum is the mix. Everyone brings his and her own thang. We've got players who can connect the dots. Create characters with heart. React in hilarious, organic ways. Wrap everything up with a killer line. Annoyance folks talk about character being what you what you bring physically, emotionally and verbally to scenes—we've got players who are strong in all three. 

I've just got to decide what I want to remember going into the show. Too many things, and I'll end up in my head. I need just enough to get started.

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