Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well, that was fun

Saturday afternoon—Improv Class at the Roving Imp

I took my first class out at Roving Imp yesterday, and it was exactly what I needed. I'll be making a mad dash there after my class at the gym on Saturdays (notes to self: make lunch ahead, lay out clothes, no distractions), so I'll always miss the warmup, which sucks a little. I spent my first scene wedged up in my head (am I doing it right? does everyone think I suck? what the hell?), but then remembered something important: 

This. Is. A. Class. 

It's not a rehearsal. It's not a show. It's not Fight Club, or an improv jam, or anything that requires me to prove myself. All I have to do is stay in the moment and do the exercise. It's really freeing to just play without focusing on results. 

John's a good teacher, too. His feedback is player-specific—he gives people what they need to improve, but does it in a really nurturing way. The class makeup was cool—a mix of first-timers, new performers and folks with a lot of experience. Bonus—I got to play with Guy, Joe and Nifer. Fun, fun, fun. 

Saturday night—Comedy on the Square at the Corbin

First of all, the kids did a terrific job promoting the show—we packed the place with 63 people. (We can put more chairs in—probably up to about 80, comfortably. Rent is paid after 11.) I'm hoping this is the start of a regular thing, and not just a still-on-winter-break fluke. 

It made me happy to have had the pre-show chat with the Fakers about ways to tighten up the show. Having Tommy host, pre-selected music to bring the groups in and out, and a more defined set-list for the Exit 16 kids made a big difference. I don't think it had the too-casual feel we'd slipped into. Next month, I'm hoping to have a real technical improviser in the booth, and there are a few extra things we can do to tighten things up even further. 

Coming this week...

Tantrum gets back to rehearsal...Improv Gym starts Thursday night...Tantrum performs on Friday...and The Trip Fives and Thunderdome (with the Fakers) are up on Saturday (it's the first full Second Weekend at WCH). The sucky part—I'll miss Full Frontal's 10th Anniversary Show and CounterClockwise roasting Footloose.


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  2. By substantial, do mean more bitchy? More opinionated? Just longer? Clarify, please.

  3. You'll also miss Hypothetical 7. We're doing a rock star theme. *le sigh*


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