Sunday, February 22, 2009


The thing Tommy Todd had going for him when he was in every troupe in the city—besides his talent, obviously—was youth. I'm realizing this as I challenge Megan, Rob and Keith in my amateur run for the Most Overcommitted Improviser Award. (Huh. Come to think of it, they're all about 10 or more years younger than I am.)

Last week was tough. Fun, fulfilling and energizing—but exhausting. Which is why signing on for another show was a completely natural thing to do.

This is the kind of thing that makes non-improvisers ask: What do you do for fun? For vacation?

Uh. Ummmm. Yeah. When I look at a week mostly full of rehearsals, I actually do get a little tired. But when I get there—it's recess.

So, keeping track of the hows and whys of overcommitment: 
  • Tantrum: Shows every second Friday—and two more monthly spots at the Plaza Library. Tantrum is the first troupe I've played with—really—since Funny Outfit ended. I was so busy at work that I couldn't commit to ComedyCity enough to feel the same level of engagement I had when I was there years ago. And 2 Much Duck always felt to me like a show, not a troupe. (There really is a difference.) I'd been in and directed shows, but Tantrum is different. We have a common goal, similar experience and what I'd eloquently call a shit-ton* of potential. You ain't seen nothing yet.
  • Spite: Every other fourth Friday (with Loaded Dice), starting in March—and a fundraiser March 12. Take all the feeling about Tantrum and super-concentrate it. I learn something every time I get on stage with Megan and Nikki. I love doing a form that forces you stay absolutely in the moment and out of your head the whole time. And good golly, it's just so much fun. 
  • Omega Directive: Monthly shows, twice-monthly rehearsals, and class whenever I can make it. I love the Roving Imp, and everything it stands for. I was pretty stunned when John asked me to be a part of this show, and after just one rehearsal, I know I'm going to learn completely new and different things from this fabulous director and cast. Man, I love being the new kid—it feels great. 
  • Comedy On The Square: Producing only—first Saturdays up in Liberty. Having March off isn't a bad thing. We've found our show and our audience, figured out how to have fun, and it's all downhill from there. I love seeing what Fakers, I mean Scriptease, errrrr...Mos Des Fights will do next. It's fun bringing new groups in and watching an audience there mostly to see friends fall in love with something new. And watching what happens when you take the Exit 16 kids out of the school and cut them in half—or thirds, or quarters.
  • Exit 16: Coaching only—every Tuesday in Liberty. It occurs to me now that I've been with this group longer than any other—by kind of a lot. (11 years now—Lighten Up was only six.) I don't think I'll ever have it completely figured out, which may be the coolest part.
  • We don't have a name for this one: But Ed, Tommy, Nikki and I are going to fill in for Bare TV with a duo-based show in April. Tommy and I did a duo (Poke). Ed and I have talked about one. Nikki just kicks ass. So when a spot opened up and Ed said, "We should do this duo show," I said "90 minutes of US? No effing way. Let's call Tommy and Nikki." Can't wait to start this one. 
  • And later, I'll do the Thunderdome thing when they have an open draw. This should be stupid, potentially awkward, crazy fun.
There. I have now reminded myself why not having many nights to just sit around and watch TV is OK. 

*I have adored this term since Clay used it in our Scriptease/Tantrum show. I needed to give shitload a break.


  1. Jesus. Do you do all this because it's fun, or is it just a compulsion at this point?

  2. Um. Yes?

    A couple of reasons, I guess:
    1. Because I can—why not?
    2. Because the more regularly I play, the better I get, the less I judge myself on stage, and the more fun I have.

    I'll burn out at some point and cut some stuff out.

  3. Hurray for you entering the draft! You are the only member of Tantrum who's brave enough to do so.

  4. I think it's more about "with enough time" than brave.

    Oh, and add to the list: Coaching Babel Fish for a while.


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