Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One rehearsal and one show down—two rehearsals and one show to go.

Nikki, Tommy, Ed and I rehearsed
Job Fair (Saturday, April 12, at 6:30pm at the Westport Coffeehouse) for the first time last night. We’re putting this show together in four rehearsals over two weeks—which sounds like a lot and a little at the same time. At our old festivals, we’d have a “featured director” (Del Close, Mick Napier, Armando Diaz, Dan O’Connor, Jeff Wirth, Rob Reese, Rebecca Sohn, Joe Bill) work with a cast assembled from the performing troupes; they had six hours to put up a show with complete strangers. Except for the fact that none of us is an improv guru, we’ve got it easier.

For Job Fair, each of us is directing two others in a duo:
  • Nikki directs Tommy and me
  • Tommy directs me and Ed
  • Ed directs Tommy and Nikki
  • I direct Ed and Nikki
We spent the majority of our time working with Ed and Nikki last night. They’re the only two in our set who have never played together, and they’re going to be really fun to watch together. We’re messing around with status—matching, playing high and low, shifting—and I’m trying to stay aware of the Viewpoints work Jill and I did with Dave Razowsky last fall, too. (That work—even just a weekend’s worth—has really influenced the way I coach.)

The other three duos did a few scenes, just to give the director an idea of what he or she is dealing with. We’ll come back Thursday and split the rehearsal four ways.

Tonight, the Exit 16 kids did their 3rd-to-last show. Spring gets busy, so it was a smaller house than usual (about 100—cue world's smallest violin). The sad thing is that their smallest crowds of the year happen when they’re doing their best work. The Fine Arts coordinator for the Liberty School District was in the booth with me tonight running lights—as always, having a proficient tech guy makes all the difference in the world. He was very impressed with the kids’ professionalism. His only note: Tell them to wear pants they don’t have to spend the whole show pulling up. Tried that—it's an ongoing battle.

This show was their tightest all year—solid hosting, great rapport with the audience, strong scenework and relationships, playfulness and professionalism. And no
unchecked violence.

Tomorrow Tantrum gets together to work on characters. Saturday, Exit 16, Mos Des Fights (aka Fakers aka Scriptease) and Holy Cow! Improv are at the Corbin.


Hmm. Blogging lately has been mostly about logging in activity—not so much about searching for insight or rambling about theory. That's kind of where I am right now, maybe...doing more than thinking. 

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